IAHS/John Lotz-Medal

John Lotz Commemorative Medal

John Lotz (1913-1973), one of the most outstanding representatives of international Hungarian philological scholarship did not live to see the foundation of the International Association of Hungarian Studies. On the basis of his highly significant scholarly work in Swedish and American universities, his achievements in Hungarian linguistic and literary research and his work as a teacher, the International Association of Hungarian Studies considers him one of its spiritual forerunners, and have named after him a medal for the recognition of excellence in the field of Hungarian studies.

The commemorative medal is awarded to scholars of Hungarian studies who do not live in Hungary, but who have produced particularly significant research, teaching or organizational achievements in the field of Hungarian linguistics, literary studies or ethnography, and who have contributed to the development and recognition of these three disciplines.

The John Lotz Commemorative Medal the work of the sculptress Erika Ligeti is awarded once every five years at the International Congress of Hungarian Studies.

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